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New guy needs help with old truck


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1987 MR630P cab-over Mack, with air brakes, takes all the brake pedal to stop or hold truck. New shoes on rear, and all brakes, front/rear are adjusted up. Rear drums are measuring 16.5 inches, in diameter, the MAX allow is 16.620 inches, have new drums coming, will the new drums help?

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How's the parking brake? With no air and brakes locked on should hold quite well. If not, you need to re-check adjustment, linings, etc. Your discard diameter would say you still have some allowance for wear, so unless the surface is bad you should still be able to achieve adequate performance. What you describe is usually adjustment or brake control valve. PS - sad to hear '87 is now "old". I remember our first new truck an '82 MR. First with real power steering, no twin sticks or split rear, and actually incredible brakes. Almost went through the windshield! Goog luck

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