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Fault code p84 2 142

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How does 1 reset this code? Can this be reset with the truck diagnostics in dash? I have a Granite Tri axle 2004 with V MAC 3.

I understand this is a vehicle speed code, is this a sensor in the trans or speedo? My mecanic tells me this is a ground wire issue any help is greatly appreciated! When ever I hit a bump the speed goes out and I have to stop the engine and restart it to reset the speedometer. Thanks for the answer in advance!

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The reason you're getting the fault is the VSS signal is stopping. The control modules monitor both wheel-based vehicle speed from the ABS system and the vehicle speed sensor at the rear of the transmission, when the speeds differ more than a few MPH the fault will set. I'm assuming you have a Mack trans, make sure the yoke and bolt are tight and the tone ring is not slipping. Check the speed sensor adjustment, turn it in until it bottoms and back it out 1 turn. Check the connectors at the sensor and trans. to chassis harness. Good Luck

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