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Lost Truck


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Been looking for this truck for a few years now. 1981 Kenworth K100. 15/O tranny, KTA 600 Cummins. My dad's buddy owned it while I was growing up. Then he sold it and C&S Transport out of Breezewood, PA acquired it. Not exactly sure if they bought it off of Bob or not, but they're the last ones to have it that I know of. They had it on eBay a couple years ago and I have no idea what happened to it. I found this picture on a forum a couple weeks ago. In the topic they said it'd been turned up to 1450hp. So my guess is that it was turned into a pulling truck. If you guys have any knowledge to it's whereabouts or have even seen it, any information would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!


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Being in the process of getting your CDL's is like sitting on death row...

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