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Hello everyone

Please help me out here because I am a complete novice at all of this, New to forums and posting on them, I have been around heavy trucks most of my adult life but never actually owned one. Forgive me if the information is on here I tried searching before I posted, but didn't have any luck finding what I was looking for. So long story longer I find myself looking at 1989 Mack "MR" roll-off truck I added a picture of it as my photo. I like the idea of it. The versatility suites my needs as a farm truck in ways that I'm sure I haven't imagined yet. the price is right. The problem is the cab is rusted pretty bad, the side steps to get in are now swings, the floor isn't its even got perforations in the airfoils on the side of the cab. That said the chassis doesn't seem anywhere near as bad. So has anyone been involved in a cab swap on one of these old girls? Any idea of a year range of possible donors trucks or do you have one? I have found a couple cabs online available online but the best anyone has been able to tell me is that they might be able to find out if it will set on the hinges. I was kind of hoping that some one might have a better idea as pertaining to wiring and the like. Or am I just blowing this out of proportion? It's a manual trans and I believe its a e-7? all input would be appreciated


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