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Has Anybody Tried To Install A Hydrogen Booster On Thier Fuel System?


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Hey, I have been doing a lot of research on adding hydrogen to the fuel mixture to get better mileage. I've found a couple company's making the hydrogen boosters and I was wondering if anyone has tried it on thier Mack truck.

I've been running a propane injection system on my Ford F550 for years when I need the extra muscle. Too costly to run it full time and the extra power stripped out my stock clutch! :P

I know that the propane acts as a catalyst to provide a more complete and energetic burn for the diesel but how does the hydrogen work?

I've not heard of the hydrogen booster before this post. What websites did you find these units on?

The propane system increases my fuel mileage but the extra cost of the propane precludes any monetary savings. I've learned to keep the propane injection throttled back a bit but the extra power is great for those big hills and short passing lanes! A couple hundred pounder propane tanks strapped on the back of my Mack would be great, but I could not stand to lose my E9 if something went wrong.

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