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Pinion seal 78 R model


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I got back to the shop today the rear pinion is throughing 80w90 every where . Quick check of it , pinion nut is loose , its keyed I see . No up and down movement but theres a lot of rotational slop in the gears . Iv worked on rear diffs but not on trucks this large and that Mack rear looks like a different animal .

Im leaving on vacation late tonight so ill deal with it Monday . What can you guys tell me about this rear diff ?

They known for pinion problems ? bearing issues ? Id suspect a bearing issue given the high amount of rotational slop there is , something has the gears separated way to much .

Any one has an exploded view of this rear axle would be very helpful too .

havnt been on here in some time , wife of 35 years decided to file divorce .

Any advice would be helpful guys .

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