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Greetings Big Mack Truck People!


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Hi Everyone,

I'm Adam from Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I'm a fan of antique vehicles, and my neighbor is as well. He doesn't use the internet (or even own a computer for that matter, so I do all of his surfing for him.) So I joined here in hopes of finding an engine for his 1947 Mack 75E Series Fire Truck. We lost the engine going to a parade last Saturday. It threw a rod and blew a 12" hole in the block, and several smaller holes out the bottom of the oil pan, so we need an engine. I'm hoping to find one through the forums.

If you have any suggestions, please email me or pm me - jadamwatson@gmail.com or call Bob at 410-257-7110.

Many Thanks!!


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Hi Adam,

It might be helpful if you could post the exact engine that you need.

There may have been only one engine in that particular truck model, I don't know,

but typically the engines were used in more than one series of truck.

We have a lot of firetruck enthusiasts on these forums, I think you came to the right place.

Just for starters - try Kevin All at All Macks. (www.allmacks.com)

I'm not a fire truck guy myself, but I know that he has at least one 40's vintage fire truck

in his yard.

And I know there is someone in Punxsatawny(?) Pa. who has old Mack fire equipment.

Tell them you heard it here.

Good Luck,

Paul Van Scott

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