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mr688s owners. does your truck have front shocks?


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i have been fighting a wobble/sway issue i have with my truck. i changed pads , bushings, torque rods,tie rods, tire balance etc etc etc......

at around 40 mph my truck begins to wobble, sometimes worse than other times. at 40 wobble begins and at 45 it ends. when i deaccelerate the wobble shows again at around 40 mph then goes away. i only operate the truck once a week so trying to diagnose can be a pain.

i have been messing with the idea about front shocks. my wobble feels like someone is shaking it from side to side. so thinking maybe some shocks would help.

anybody have pics of their mr s with front shocks?

any other info about my problem would be greatly appreciated.

would power divider cause this?


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thanks. my front steers are 425 65 22.5 . the front and all my drives are balanced. but i will take a closer look.

i was under the truck yesterday going over it with a fine tooth comb.

be damned if i didnt find the driver side front spring shackle (rear of the front shackle. slipper style) the two bolts that hold the spring in the shackle were loose. i retorqued both bolts and one of the bolts threads were stripped.

purchased a couple new bolts, washers, nuts all grade 8. let you know how it goes.

thanks again

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checked my tires today. they all seem pretty good. jacked up the back and rotated each by hand. no issues there.

yah this has been keeping me busy. dont really know what to check next.

my wobble happens at around 35- 40 mph and after that fine. when i slow back down to 35-40 its there again.

the steering wheel does not shake, its like the whole truck rocks side to side between 35-40.

now at times its seems if i creep up to 35-40 and hold it for a while just before the wobble it does not seems as bad. weight doesnt seem to make any difference.

i also noticed that it seems to happen just before the last shift on my trans. its an allison 740rs automatic. it feels like maybe my driveshaft may be whipping or something. all new u joints and the center bearing seems fine. some movement in the rubber but no more than my other units. i also installed a set of timbrens on the back camelback suspension. it helps for road shock, but did nothing for the wobble?

what now? i guess i will keep checking.

does anybody think this may be a power divider issue? i also checked my tranny and motor mounts. they seem good.

any info on what i can check next would be appreciated.


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no i wish there was. i guess i could jack up both rears and take it up to the speed and see from there. just a little chicken shit to try you know. anyways if i remember the wobble still seemed to be there when i put the truck in neutral and coasted. if that says anything.

thanks for your help.

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