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Renault E-3


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Hey guys, been on this forum before but its been a long time ago. I have a Mack and a half right now that is fixin to turn into a full Mack. I had an F700 that has the 864CID V8, it met with another large truck at a pretty decent rate of speen right in the rear end and has pretty much destroyed the frame. How no one was hurt in the wreck I have no idea. Anyways plans are in the works for removing the engine and placing it infront of an old B model Mack cab that I have, it will all be placed on a one ton frame and made a rat rod out of. I wish I had the entire B model as I would put the V8 in it but I dont.

Anyways what I need to know is, I have the ability to get ahold of a early 90's MS200P make, it has a smaller inline 6 in it that I think was made by Renault. The truck was an East Coast truck and is completely rotted out, there is wood over the floor boards and places in the frame you can poke a screw driver through pretty easy so it is pretty much toast but the engine starts and runs fantastic and the 5 speed shifts good. I couldnt tell you the actual miles on it but I honestly dont think it is too much. What I am wanting to do is place this engine and transmission infront of a Spicer 7321 auxilliary box in a GMC K3500 4x4 that is in great shape but has the wonderful old 6.2L V8.

Does anyone know what the specs are on this engine, such as weight, length and height, I can go measure it and get a good idea but really like to have factory specs on this stuff before I contemplate on it too much. Can a transmission be obtained or can this one be changed over from the cable to straight out of the top of the transmission to go through the bottom of the cab. I think it has around 190hp but am not sure, the torque specs for a 210hp are 512 foot pounds which is great and what I am pretty much looking for for towing. Can this one of mine be brought up to those horsepower and torque spece without spending a ton of money.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

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That would be awesome. From what I have read so far they are a little hard to get parts for but where I live I have to order parts for everything. It will be going in a 1-ton pickup, I bet it will do just fine in it as far as pulling goes, I hope it would anyways. I as well read somewhere that the mechanical pump can be turned up with a different spring or shimming it to get it up to the 210hp mark for the later model ones.

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