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I bought my superliner around 2003, did a gear oil change and the 2 end parts of a circlip came out the bung, luvly. last month we lost the use of high range, it also was leaking oil from the top somewhere and the drive yoke came loose twice on us in the last year. so out it comes, gearbox has never been removed since birth in 1986, external oil pipe at top was loose, and nearly pumped out the oil on the road. the selecter fork had broken its casting, and the remaining circlip part was lying in the bottom of the casing, it had come adrift and the air ram was over selecting , hence putting extra presure on the fork, a couple of bearings had lost there clearances, a 3 peice cluster was really worn on the mating faces , and the reason it jumped out of gear on a bumpy road, and worst of all the front input shaft had worn considerably where the teflon seal locates.

bad news, new front shaft $7k ex USA, bearing kit, cluster,selecter, machine face of yoke, Parts $11k, labour $ 3k, and the clutch had worn the flywheel faces,

Makes for one very expensive rebuild.

Trouble is , that 12 speeds have rarely given any problems and the newer mechanics have never had to strip one, parts are no longer sitting collecting dust.

picked up a second box for $3k, but its cluster is worn also, and a selector rod is broken.

If I had known what I was infor, I would have dropped a Roadranger 18 speed in and modified the driveshaft,

the joy of owning a superdog

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