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18 speed mack transmission stuck between hi/lo range


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I am trying to figure out my transmission problem, the transmission is stuck between hi/lo range resulting in no gears at all, I had to remove the air line of the back of the transmission so that it would get me home. I followed the air lines, I am getting air to both lines at the same time on the back of the transmission, If i remove one I get hi, if I remover the other I get low, just wondering if anybody has experienced this before. I have already replaced the splitter valve on the side of the transmission thinking it was bypassing through there. that didnt help, I am not familiar with these transmissions at all, I did notice that if you move the splitter valve back and forth it sounds like it is shifting there, but when you move the hi/lo selector it doesnt do anything, ANy and all help is appreciated.Thanks in advance


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