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E7 turbo noise

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I need some help with a 1996 EM6-300L that I have. I have only had it a few years, and it has about 9,000 hours on it, with minimal maintenance records. It was a gov't dump truck.

It was lacking on power, so after checking boost, fuel pressure, and a valve adjustment, I proceeded to slide the stop plate in the pump.

It greatly improved the performance ( like my old ENDT676) but now has a turbo/intake noise on rapid decelleration, like down shifing in a hill. The noise would remind you of a wastegate turbo with almost a "pop" noise. Slower decelleration has no noise.

It is annoying, as I have never had an engine do this. All intake joints are leak-free,air filter is new, and the exhaust is in good shape. It did not do this until I "improved" it's performance. any ideas??


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