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Turbo Blanket And Heat Shielding?

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I am thinking about putting a heat blanket on the turbo and wrapping the exhaust with header wrap and installing some heat/sound material in the cab. Does anyone have any experience with turbo blankets or header wrap? I've read some people who say the wrap causes excessive heat in the header and traps moisture, so it rots / rusts from the inside out.

What is your experience? I just need to cool down things or I'm going to have to start wearing nomex driving boots. =)

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Did both. Wrapped about 12' of header tape around the turbo connector, and then because the whole assembly was less than 1 inch from the steel floorboard, I bonded a 12x12 ceramic tile to the steel floorboard. What the heck- this is how they do it on the space shuttle. Use plenty of epoxy glue, make sure your surfaces are very clean, and clamp 24 hrs. Then I bonded anout 200 pounds of marine lead foam to all interior cab surfaces. Pretty quiet, pretty cool.

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