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Need Some Help: Endt-673


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Ok well, first off, hello to everyone on this site! It seems like a great group of guys here!

My knowledge of diesel is limited, I went through my first year of a votech course on diesel engines in high school last year. I am currently enrolled in Ohio Technical College for their diesel program. I know all the parts of a diesel but no specifics. I don't know torque specs or clearances, the two most important things in a diesel (or so I've been told). While the shot is great, there is only one Mack engine there! Out of 60 or so engines, there is a lone Mack Maxidyne (I think) with a tip turbine fan, kinda disappointing. Ok well, sorry for the offshoot, now to the real topic.

Near the end of my votech class, I happened to ask my bus driver if she "had an extra diesel engine I could have". To my great astonishment, she told me yes. Two weeks later, I went to her house to help remove an ENDT-673 engine, complete with EVERYTHING from the radiator (still in good condition), the fan, and the humongous canister oil filter. It was sitting in the remains of a 1961 B61 Mack heavy duty dump truck. There was no hood and no cover over the engine, I was told that it had been sitting like that for 5 years. It took us a few hours but after unbolting the quadbox transmission and using a blowtorch to cut off the front motor mount, the engine was hanging (barely) under the kubota tractor we used to pull it out. Another 4 hours were spent making a crude stand for the engine, downtubes from the front motor mounts and where the transmission bolts on then welded together with crossbraces and a bottom bar for a "foot". We then moved the engine to a conex trailer where it currently sits under a tarp. I had brought the valve covers and generator into votech to rebuild and fix. The generator was totally seized and the valve covers had gotten bent and cracked when we lifted the engine out of the truck. I wish I had better brazing skills because while the valve covers are now fixed, my repair isn't too pretty. This is the current condition of the engine.

Now the request for help. What I need but cannot find anywhere on the internet, are the engine's specs and (if at all possible), an exploded view of the engine. I'm just starting off my career in diesel and being only 18 years old, I don't have a huge amount of experience with disassembly. I don't want to ruin anything by taking it apart the wrong way. If you don't have any specs or diagrams, could someone point me in the right direction so that i could find them? Also, any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.

I hope to someday get this engine running and either put it in a restored B-61 (if I come across one that is withing my price range) or make it into a trailer-born generator for emergencies (and one hell of a generator at that!).

I'll try to get some photos of the engine when I return to my home in NY for labor day, It's not in too bad of a condition, it just needs a good cleaning.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!

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I'd say the reason you only had a lone Mack engine in your class was that the majority of those engines are still out there working today. It's good to see that there is still interest in the mechanical field as a career. As far as specs for your engine are concerned, I think Barry has posted the mechanical fits and limits chart for Mack two valve engine in the Wiki. Try to get your school to buy the Mack service manual, number 5-672SERIES100.1.

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Does the engine have a Dynatard engine brake? The valve covers are different if yes. Either way,If you want them, I'd be happy to send you a pair of valve covers to help you out with your project.

e-mail me at phil@globaltrucktraders.com






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The engine does not have dynatard on it. thanks for the offer but I'm still far away from starting a full blown rebuild on the engine. If I can bring it to school at some point that would be awesome but until then or until i finish school, get a job and my own house, no great progress will be made on this engine. I'm trying to get as much information as possible so that when that time comes, I can restore it correctly. Thanks again for the offer, I might take you up on it in a few years but don't let that stop you from using or selling them in the meantime, plus my first priority is to get it running. After I succeed in that, I'll start taking it down and painting/cleaning everything.

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