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Mack Gas Engine Govenor And Oil Cooler

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I have a 65 mack B42 dump that came with a EN402 with a oil cooler unit on the block and a carb govenor. I have another 59 mack B42 tractor that came with a EN401 with a carb govenor but no oil cooler. I am replacing the engine in the 65 dump with another engine I aquired and was out of a water truck. It is a EN401 and has no factory governor, or oil cooler. Question is, how important is it to put the governor and oil cooler back on the engine I am replacing in the dump truck?

I don't plan on working it hard and just using it now and again, it also does not get overly hot in this climate. I did some checking and it appears the oil cooler was an option on these engines for certain applications, however not sure why all the engines did not come with a govenor.

I am not overly familiar with these old gas engines, I don't want to blow it up for lack of knowledge. Any input?

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