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Mv322 Drive Axle

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Does anyone have any information on Mack MV322 Freedom trucks. I am looking for information on getting single or double reduction for this truck. The isn't any hub reduction on the truck at present and it won't climb as well as an MS300P with hub reduction P1141 axle.

Is it possible to fit P1141 axle on a MV322?

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I'm not sure how many of these trucks were produced. We never had any in our area (and not many Midliners either). From what I've looked at so far I don't see any being built with the P1141 but I'll look some more.

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They come with the following axle options;

P1120 and P1121 SLB


P290 SLA

I've also looked in the repair manual and seen that a Hub reduction is offered optional I've also checked Renault trucks like the Midlum and Premium and these have P1170 as well as P1140 referenced in the service publication. Axle measurement from spring pin to spring pin (left right) 39 and 3/8 inches on both the MS300 and freedom. Wonder if they may be interchangeable.

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