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5.5 Litre I 6

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One of the local auction houses has an '87 MS 250 with a 5.5 I-6 in it, Dana 5 speed behind it. The 5 speed is perfect, as 5th is direct drive, and I have geared my truck towards direct drive, e.g. 65 mph is 2000 rpm.

The horse torque numbers of this trucks power plant are right on par with a first gen 6BT Cumstain.

Every one and their flipping Dawg has done a Fummins, i want to be different, but reliable.

I was leaning towards IH DT360 (literal twin to a 6BT) New Holland 6.6 (Brazilian Ferd... Blue oval all the way baby!), and then I saw this MS.

Local shop claims parts are reasonable, and available, just not behind the counter.... They just did a head gasket on a fleet truck, and the bill was a grandish, parts and labor, sounds reasonable enough...

They also claim to not see them in for repair often, lending credence to them not being a problem child. In my experience, the Europeans can build a decent diesel, and since this is a Renault engine... well there ya go.

Diesel Mechanic buddy maintains that Medium duty trucks are de tuned from full potential so they can run against the governor all day long, and not implode.. SO it sounds like a solid 250hp should be attainable out of this, and 3,000 rpm.... I aint wanting to build a Monster.... want mpg, and not to be scared of any trailer I need to tow, max weight to date has been 8k, truck weighs 6k with a 460, our max weight to date was 15,200# with a full tank of gas, and the family, luggage, blah blah. From the sounds of the MS< my above stated max weight, should be less than its NET weight, so I should have no qualms there...

Talk me out of this motor for my repower on my Ford one ton. Absolutely DONE feeding its 460. Swap in a questionable 6.9 IDI before I put another full tank of fuel in this truck, and it runs well, mind you.. just tired of its thirst.

I am convinced, this motor is the ticket, I am just looking for experienced feedback, pro or con.

Since everybody likes pics, this is the truck that is getting a diesel re power... and possibly a Bulldog hood ornament.....


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