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237 Motor - 10 Speed Box

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Howdy, was wondering if anyone has ideas on what fuel economy i can expect on a bogie drive primemover with 237 motor - not pulling a trailer on open road would be? If you can also state if your figures include US gallons, imperial or litres.

cheers ellis

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Hi Ellis, I have an R685RST bogie tipper. I caculated my fuel at about 2km per litre. That was about 7 years ago when i was operating that truck.

That was a 237 6spd, about 100kmh at 2100rpm, 4.17's. I uaually ran at 90/95kmh. I think that is about 6-7 mpg, loaded 1 way. It was a rough calculation made a long time ago, it is just from memory.

Regards Jeff.

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