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Ginaf Trucks From Holland


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I just thought I would post a few official Ginaf videos of their trucks in action. Its interesting to see how they do things in Europe, lots of interesting technology. Ginaf designs their own suspension system that allows the rear axles to steer by actually turning the whole axle in the direction via hydraulics. The suspension can also level a truck on en even ground so you can safely raise the dump body without the risk of tipping over. Ginaf uses DAF cabs and engines.

Awesome demo video of a dump truck. (no sound)

Time laps of a Ginaf being assembled.


Video of a demo show


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:D Hello,

Yes these trucks are high technoligy. They built them also as a 5axle truck.Then 3 front axles

steer and the middle axle can be lifted when driving of road.

Although its not a :mack1: they are verry good trucks.Terberg trucks is a company here in The Netherlands too that builts almost the same but they use Volvo cabs and engines.

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