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Looking For H-63 Fenders

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Well I still haven't posted any new pics of my sheetmetal progress on my H-63. I'll get to it pretty soon. Making good progress and it's turning out pretty good. I'm having to replace a ton of body panels but a donor cab wasn't really an option since there are none out here. My fenders are pretty much shot. Each fender has atleast three patch panel areas on them not including a bucket of bondo. Looks like someone got really pissed and beat the hell out of them with a ballpeen hammer. I don't think I can save them. Thought about just trying to make new ones but I'm going to give it a try and ask if anybody has or knows where I can get two fenders for my girl. Let me know please.

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It's going to be difficult to come up with two good fenders, I think.

But - in Bakersfield, the hot rod capital of the world, it should be possible to find

a sheet metal guru who could shrink and straighten the original fenders.

In the northeast, we are always envious of what you guys have on the west coast.

But - I can see that's not always the case!

Seriously, I think a real sheet metal master is your bet to save the fenders.

Paul Van Scott

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I'm on the hunt for a good metal guy here in town now. Should be able to find one. I thought it would be just as easy to make new ones rather than try to save the originals. They're pretty simple fenders. I'll see what the difference would be between new and repaired ones. Didn't think I'd have much luck finding any fenders anyway. Had a hard enough time finding this truck. I'm gonna try and post some pics of my body work progress in the next couple of days. It's crazy how different it's looking with new panels on even though they're just rough finished still. I'm getting excited, should be onto the upper door sill area and roof by next week sometime. I'm not letting any grass grow under my feet on this thing. Can't wait to tear out the floorpan, that will be a breeze compared to all of these curved panels...

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Mack used a company in PA called York Corrugating to make many of the rolled fenders.


These were used used on many L and B model fire pumper bodies. Looking at your H model fenders they look very simlar to the rolled design used on the fire pumper fenders. York Corrguating is still making fenders and fenderettes. They still have all of the original roll wheels etc to make these fenders and make them for many of the firetrucks and trailers you see on the road today. See the info with the typical fenders they make.Contact Jeff Smith at 888-922-6634 ext 253.

Hope that helps,


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