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Brake Air Indicator Light And Brake Lights Staying On

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new to me 99 ch613. 1st truck purchase also...i have an indicator light on the dash that says brake air but no buzzer....air pressure builds up fine though....also the brake lights stays on all the time...i am guessing the low air pressure sensor is bad? blown fuse?where would that sensor be?

any other tips for a rookie?


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The brake light switch might in in one of two places. First it might be on/near the foot valve or sometimes it might be screwed into the tractor protection valve.

There are two low pressure warning light sensors, one on the primary reservoir and one of the secondary reservoir if one goes low it trips the buzzer and light.


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I cranked up truck today and it was also saying electronic malfunction and shutdown engine.....after awhile all the lights went out and brake lights went off...as off right now everything is functioning....hope i dont have a loose or naked wire somewhere to trace down...yikes!


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