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No Power 65 C95


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I am having a problem with a 65 C95, it acts like it does not have the power to get out of its own way. It has a 707c gasoline motor, I thought it had bad gasoline but it is not that. If I can get it up to 2200 rpms it jumps and runs like it did but most of the time I can not get it up to 2200. I took it to the shop and they replaced the governor distributor linkage and it is a little better but not really. I was thinking a carb rebuild but the change in performance at 2200 rpms is troubling. What do you think?

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Best to start with the basics, do a compression test, find out if all cylinders have proper compression and are working correctly, then if OK, go through the ignition system (points, plugs,condensor cap and rotor)- if you want to go hi tech you can get electronic ignition for the truck and will then never need to adjust or change the points again. Mallory has a set for 12v Positive ground; then the last thing is to then the adjust the carb. Sounds more like an ignition problem if it will run but not accelerate smoothly. Also change the fuel filter(s) as that could be another source for poor performance.

Let us know how it works out.


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