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Hi gang,

I am a first time Mack owner. Wasn't sure about it when I bought it but now NOTHING else will do! I have a spec'd 1979 Mack/American La France Fire Truck. It is a true one of a kind truck based on Mack's chassis and drive train. It is I believe a "Cab Forward" model. It is a mid engine layout with a Non-sink 5 speed Mack trans. I have had it for 3 years now and have been slowly bringing it back to life again. The engine is the Maxidyne 300 series ENDT675. here is the Vin # for it... CF686FCA1347 hope that helps a little. I want to find out all that I can about the Mack side of the truck. It has 18,854 original miles on it. Engine is in perfect shape.

I want to know all that I can about it. I want to know things like filter number's, belt number's, common problems to watch for etc... As well if you all can help direct me to the form's and site's etc... for common resto parts for it. dash, gauges, chrome etc... As well door's, glass, seals etc... As well I need help on the right bulldog for the front end. It has the small hood tilt bar on the front with a spot that I know the bulldog had to have sat on at one time, but i can't figure out which one to get to get one back on there again.

Over all it is in great shape. Some small B.S. things that need to be dealt with but I want to bring it back to showroom in the coming year. Thank you one and all for any help on this one. I want to get to know more of you and as well let everyone follow along as this truck comes back to the glory that it once had. talk to you all later on,




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Hi James, welcome, thats a nice bit of gear you have. I dont know that much about fire apparatus but I can tell you that model # is for an ENDT676 if it was an ENDT675 it would be CF685. I have a small collection of Mack fire trucks in various scales and a few photo archives, L , B and CF . Mack certainly has been a big player in the fire fighting field since the beginning of the motor age. Good luck wiyh your project . Regards jeffro.

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