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  1. I am looking for parts for an LF model truck. Some body emailed me today that there is a junk yard on 186 Doremus Ave, Newark NJ with a bunch of old Mack trucks. He does not know the name of the business. Has any body been there or know there name etc ? Thanks for the info.
  2. Any other ideasas to where the gas tank is located and what the chances of finding LF parts at Macungie this year ??
  3. Yes I have written and got that information from the Mack Museum but I gave it to the owner. Under the passenger seat ( if there was one ) looks like an air tank for thea air brakes. No holes on the side of the cab that I can see. Do you think there will be any LF models at the Macungie show this year ??
  4. Sorry it is a 1946. The fuel line goes from the carb on the right side across the front of the motor to the left ( drivers side ) to the fuel pump. It looks like a copper line. After it leaves the fuel pump it is like a plastic line if that is possible ??
  5. OK so this guy has this flat bed that he wants to restore. It needs a lot of work. Please do not laugh but I am having trouble finding where the gas tank or tanks are located. The carb is on the right side of engine and the fuel piump is on the left. Any ideas ?? Also if any body knows of a whole truck on a parts truck close to NJ please let me know.
  6. Where there a lot of this model engine used in Macks ? I need some parts or a whole engine for a project. Any help would be appreciated. Located in New Jersey I have been trying o call Cal Little in Hummelstown Pa but his phone just keeps wringing. The number I have is 717 566-8973 for him.
  7. Not sure how I listed it as an AN 10. I wrote down it is an EN 471-15-8. Does that sound like a six cylinder mack motor ?
  8. Still looking. It is an EN- 410 engine . Are they a popular engine and in what years were they used ?? Thanks in advance
  9. All he needs is small stuff like an oil pan, oil pump, starter, gas tank, two piece wind shield, seats, interior door panels, all stainless stell, radiator,bumper, running boards, and some miscellaneous stuff etc etc. Hopefully he can buy a parts truck with this stuff on it.lol Are all LF model body parts interchangeable which each other? Not sure but might need a horn. lol
  10. Thanks for the info. If I remember correctly the engine is an EN 410. I will call Cal Little next week to see what parts he has available. Any other places to try to find old parts ??
  11. I am working on an LF model Mack truck with the original Mack six cylinder gas motor ( missing parts etc ) . What is the model number for the motor ? Where can I find a motor or parts for it ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Sorry but I can't find his name on the museum page. Could some body give me his phone number and address please.
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