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  1. Thank u mackpro68, I have been all over the net looking for the manual and had no luck, I only found the code sheets. On the Mack website that year truck is not listed under service manual, so what ever you have would be great. The vecu in the truck is new and up right, all wires checked many many times, batts 9 months old, amps hold at 14-15 never missing a beat, silinode new, starter hits off everytime, pedal new. Its got me lost, Any and all ideas would be great. Thank you, William
  2. Little help hopefully, lol. Have a 2001 rd688, been in it since 2005, last year or so the lighting bolt lights up and shut down light comes on. Started with a lose in power as driving then would pick back up, speed meter stopping, yeah crazy. Rolled her in the local mack put in a new pedal, and new vecu updated version. Run alot better but I be dam the light still comes on and once in a while cuts off for a split second, more like a nose dive and picks back up. Here lately completely stalls out, will crank and run for about 30 seconds and shut down. May or may not stay running. Some days no problems at all, others cost me out the ying yang cause it decides its tired i guess. Light blinks code 9 2. All connections, batteries, etc were checked. Mack built it, If they don't know, I sure don't, maybe someone here does. Usally the lighting bolt lights up may or may not stay on but if it does then the speed meter quits, from there the shut down light comes on, from that sometime complete power shuts off, or the lights go off and back to normal. Honestly what good is it if ya scared to leave the yard in it. Thanks William.
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