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  1. I'm really worried about increasing the RPM's with the auto trans. that's in it.
  2. I need to find out what the RPM is. The cable is broke for the tach. I moved the plate forward when I took the spring out and the truck has alot more power at take off but not so much mid to full throttle. Where can I put a electronic RPM meter on this to get a accurite reading?
  3. It sounds the smae as what I have. There is a plate under the puffer, is that the fuel plate? if I take the puffer out do I get more throttle?
  4. I really don't think I have any shims in mine. I have a Bosch 95110112 pump. Can I turn this up a little?
  5. I took the spring out of the puffer and it works great! Thanks so much for all your help! Does anyone know how to turn this up just a little bit? I have a automatic trans so I don't want to go to much! Thanks again! Steve.
  6. I don't know what the boost is but it doesn't even try to build.
  7. On the back of the puffer there's a screw that I backed out, now it's even worse! If I put a longer screw in there to hold the puffer open do you think that'll work?
  8. Why would it run worse when I disconnect the puffer?
  9. The air and fuel filters were changed last fall, it didn't get better after that either. I'm going to start checking fuel lines for restrictions. Also I want to check the pump timing! I really need to fix this! It's my plow truck this year and most of my route is hills. This truck has a 10ft plow, 10ft wing and a 10 yrd sander.
  10. Yesterday I disconnected the air from the puffer and plugged it, took it down the street and it was far worse the before!
  11. I thought the puffer was different! Yes it has a air throttle and it is going wide open. This thing is bad we had a load of sand in it when we first got it and we back in some soft sand, we had to pull it out with the loader because it didn't have the power to climb out. When loaded it will not climb a hill out of 1st gear!
  12. I get some smoke with the brakes applied also when I'm trying to go from a stop. It takes about 15 seconds for the boost to build enough to climb out of a hole. The air line that feeds the puff limiter comes from the intake manifold with nothing in between. There is also a fitting on the side at the front of the pump with a air line on one side and a fuel line on the other. I think it's the return line? I'm going to keep trying to get a picture on here!
  13. Sorry guys! My pictures aren't showing up. The puff limiter on this is on the back about the throttle or govenor. I really cant find a small pecker anywhere! (I'm French!) I can't even find a relay valve on the intake. The air line to the puff limiter comes from the intake manifold direct. It seems like the vaceum from the manifold controls the puff limiter. Thanks again for all your help! Steve.
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