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  1. Sounds Good i will let ya know how I make out, Do you know what injectors your running now? thanks, Joel
  2. Yup does help, Just ran mine on turbo boost gauge, got 20 to 22 # boost max, that was bobtail and only in top 2 gears. held brake slightly to create drag but did not get any more. Going to do some research on pump and injectors as well as just what my turbo is and see if I can improve performance. Did find quite an air leak at the joint between charge air cooler piping and intake "bridge". has an oring and clamp for seal and oring was busted and clamp stretched. Should see power improvement with just that. Black smoke has been reduced for sure! thanks again] Joel
  3. checked out E9 DYNO TIME, the John Deere turbo sounds interesting! mack mhe9 must know something us country folk do not know. I wonder if he found he needed more air intake, ie: mods to dual air cleaners or the like. my pump has an AMBAC tag on it and is the old V style with 4 lines out each side. Can I turn the fuel up on this style without fear of the rack going over center and running away like the old E6 pumps could? Working on measuring boost and ckecking air cooler for leaks today! Thanks Joel
  4. Name: Mack Superliner RW713 (1988) Date Added: 13 September 2011 - 02:18 PM Owner: mixerman Short Description: Tri axle lowbed tractor E9 440 V8 15sp eaton trans, 44 rears View Vehicle
  5. I have an 88 Mack RW 713 Superliner with an 83 E9 440 V8. I use it to pull my lowbed. I am looking to improve power as I am hauling a Jaw Crusher around from time to time that wieghes in at 110K pounds. Add in the truck and trailer and the hills of Central and Northern Maine and who would not want more power. Thinking about turning up fuel, will i need a Turbo upgrade? How much can you get out of these 440's I know the boys up north used to push big power out of the 500's. Gimmie your thoughts Men! Joel from Auburn, Maine
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