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  1. Apost-8009-0-87327400-1371950702_thumb.jppost-8009-0-00313600-1371950832_thumb.jppost-8009-0-86175600-1371950975_thumb.jp week ago Friday I unloaded in Hagerstown,Md at Blue Seal Feeds. In the back was this junk yard.Lots of Mack stuff,Mack factory trucks,etc.Didn't walk around, was in a hurry still had to load in Marcus Hook,PA so I could make the show on Saturday


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  2. Is the wheat salvagable for flour if they run it through a dryer, or they just gonna grind it for feed or something?

    They decided to use all that is salvaged for animal feed.Didn't want to take any chances with quality.Nice there are still businesses like that.Steve

  3. That's no jalopy. Best truck there

    green Superliner with ROUND Headlites is no Jalopy

    I bought this truck in Florida 2 1/2 years ago.My wife flew down with me to ride back.When she saw it she asked me what made me think this POS jalopy would make it back to New York.It's been the jalopy ever since. Steve

  4. You got some good pictures going on Ray.I have noticed there is a pilgramage of young bimbos headed to Winfall.must be to see O.D. Glad to see the RW up and running again. Steve

  5. I wondered who would notice that the ch was in there. Yes I junked one of the new head gaskets. I should have retorqued them sooner. But hey i needed more practis, only took about 4 hrs so the next time I should knock it out in about 2 hrs. And yes we are surrounded buy Christmass trees all sizes.

    Ray not retorquing the heads right away has bit me a couple of times too.I guess some things just can't be put off.The retorque is always a pain.Like why strip all this stuff off I just put on so I can do it again.We've all been there.Just glad nothing too serious. Steve

  6. On the engine brake keep in mind you only have 672 cu. in. of engine there. it will never hold as well as an 855 Cummins or a 14.6 liter Cat.The valve adjustment has a huge effect on the effectiveness of the Dynatard. Keep a good tight .016 for intake and .024 for exhaust.As for the frame little can be done short of replacing the rails. I'ne changed 2 RD's with double frames to single 3/8 " rails.That will eliminate the problem. Steve

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