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  1. I'm going to be parting out an old Circle C '87 R 688. It has a good galvanized cab, just a little rust on lower part of doors. The trans. is a T2100 and am told it shifts well, no syncro problems.The carriers are 92 and 93's with alum. housings 4.64 ratio.It has 3 leaf (taper leaf) suspension with a good trunnion stand.Wedge brakes on spokes. Good rad and CMCAC. PM me with your needs and questions. Thanks, Steve

  2. looking for the right(passenger side) seat base for an air rde seat.This is the steel plate that bolts to the floorboard and the seat bolts to thisThis is for a RWS,but am sure all R Models are the same. Thanks,Steve

  3. Good looking setup, just wonder how big it in size?

    Vlad.got back down there this week.Here's some specs: 21,930 cc (21.63 liters), 420 KW(535 HP),1800 RPM, 14.8-1 compression ratio. The generator is 400KW and 480 Volts. My camera wasn't ready to go when I was so left it behind. Steve

  4. The best way to get the wear ring off is to carefully hit it with a small ball pien hammer.This will stretch it and it will come right off. Don't ever use a chisel or you can ruin the spindle.I would flush the rear with diesel fuel and use a rag on a broom handle or such to clean out the housing after the axle shafts are out.Enjoy the weekend. Steve

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  5. Been doing a lot of vac work at the old Utica Club/West End Brewery in Utica,NY. Spotted this Man twin turbo V12 natural and biogas generator.Now it runs on natural gas but plans are to install a digester to harness the methane from the brewers grains.Nice setup.Thought you guys would like some pics. Stevepost-8009-0-34328100-1373676368_thumb.jppost-8009-0-58845900-1373676910_thumb.jppost-8009-0-96260500-1373677037_thumb.jppost-8009-0-62861700-1373677354_thumb.jp

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  6. Hi Ray,looks like you got your weekend booked. I meant to tell you I've got a few MH things you are welcome to.I've got a grill, the little panel that has "handle" moulded into it and a pair of new windshields.Next time your'e around we'll get together and I'll fix you up with it if your'e interested. Steve

  7. if so they been keeping it a secret

    It's off exit 5B on I-81.If I get back there I will get more pics and the name of the business. I saw a mack factory RW daycab with camelback suspension that had the carriers removed when I first drove in. There were a couple of good looking MB cabs sitting ther also.Steve

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