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  1. The box in the picture is a Sheppard. The input seal is just the same as a 392. Before you get too involved in this one see if you can find a Ross. They are much better in this application. The pitman arms stay tight and the pitman shaft bushings last longer. Back in the day we ran a small fleet of these and found this out. I found a nice one for mine at Global in NH acouple years back. Phil was there at the time and it was only $250. Good luck, Steve

  2. Looks like a small cam 855, probably a 350. On the left side of engine at rear,just below top of block is a serial number. A Cummins dealer can run the number and tell you for sure. Most of these were tan, the green ones were Detroits.When International used them they were all red.It has an intercooler so I think it must be at least a 350, the cast alum valve covers make me think it must be a small cam. They used stamped steel by the time the Big Cams came about. Steve

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  3. I've got a complete set of 6 injector lines for an E-6 2 valve with Ambac bar stock injectors. These are new ,unused PAI lines. I would sell these only as a set of 6 for $80 plus shipping for the whole works. Price 'em and you'll see it's a deal. PM me if interested, Thanks,Steve

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