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  1. Hi, Have posted a question some time earlier about my truck on start up running rough or erratic for short period then clears up and runs fine. Could any one enlighten me on what the overflow valve on the fuel pump does and could this have anything to do with my problem. I would really like to solve this issue. Joe
  2. Thanks Rob, very helpful I thought about loosining the nuts a bit but was'nt quite game. That pulley thats pictured looks good but not quite sure how it operates.Thanks again
  3. Hi Rob Have tried previous to remove injectors but with not much success They seem to be stuck in the head solid got 2 out of 6 free any hints? Thanks Joe
  4. Just trying to get some direction on a miss in engine on start up.truck has a 237 turbo engine. Truck starts and shortly after developed a miss and seems to be on no 2 After short time of puttering, clears up and runs good. Does blow white smoke whilst doing this and when driving for a short period. Any ideas where to start greatly appreciated
  5. Just wondering if any one could help me with the operation of power assist steering on 76 r model.Seems to have to move the ram thats connected to the drag link a long way before it operates the steering components.Would any one know how much free movement these rams should have.
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