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  1. Thanks all for the info. Problem is cured. Fitted new piston valve on front of pump. No more leaks and holds air overnight again.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Your feedback raises a couple more queries. Firstly, my starter works whether the park brake is applied or off. Maybe it's been tampered with and modified to allow this to be the case. Even so, I prefer it this way because I've had (for one reason or another) an engine stall while in a potentially dangerous situation (e.g. halfway through an intersection or crossing a train line) and need to restart without having to come to complete stop. Secondly, the air is actually leaking out of two small holes opposite each other on the barrel of the small cylinder which goes i
  3. Gday! I've seen this before. An E6 350 Value Liner in Canberra Australia had pretty much the same failure about the time you posted this article. (Last year) It appeared to have been cracked almost right through for some time but didn't actually break off until the steer axle was partially bogged and the operator attempted to back out of the bog. It is probable that the vehicle had also been over the "shaker" at it's roadworthy inspection and that failure also not detected. It may be that there needs to be an international directive to inspect these for this potentially lethal problem. Detail
  4. Gday Greg, I'm running SS441 suspension with the usual standard springs etc. It appears though that my truck has an alignment problem also. The distance between the axle centre ends on one side is approx 30mm greater than the other, and both axles on the LHS are some 12 - 15 mm further back than the RHS. I've studied the SS44 parts list for 44000lb rated rear ends and found some "Special Offset Lower Insulator Pads" (PN 10QK48 or Euclid E-3919). The height of the trunion axle at each end is different too, indicating spring curve or wear is uneven. I too am looking for the easy way out to squar
  5. Gday! My E9 500 has an air leak from a small port on the side of the puff limiter actuator on the AMBAC V8 fuel pump. While almost perfect wife was placing an order to buy a replacement part (PN BI31QC212) the parts guy suggested this leak may be caused by some other air system failure elsewhere. I've been unable to source any info on the schematic for this air system or alternate reasons for this component's behaviour. It was replaced approx 9 mnths ago for a similar problem. Any ideas?
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