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  1. Well I have an update. Pulled the pan and replaced the the oil pump. Noticed that the old pump had some wear on the shaft bushings, I was sure this was my problem,put the new pump put fresh oil and filter turned her on and ran it for a while till the temp got to about 180. It has good pressure when truck is cold but once it gets to operating temp it drops to about 25#'s. any other suggestions? I am going to get the front stucture redone as it is leaking oil would it be wise to replace cam bearings in it? this has me stumped.
  2. I did take a sample of oil to get checked out there was no oil in fuel.
  3. At this momentthe jakes aint hooked up, when the truck was converted to manual we did not hook them up. It was set up as a 2 stage is there a problem hooking it up as 1 stage?
  4. Thanks for the responses. I am not sure if the crank was checked dropped it off with the so called mechanic. The oil pressure has always been low, before the inframe once it was to operating temp it would drop to about 35psi but the temp would not go over 160 I replaced the thermostat when it gets to 180 that's when it drops down.The front structure is leaking on the drivers side up top runs down behind the pump down the side of the block.
  5. I have a 94 model cat 3406c peek motor which has been converted to full manual , anyways I have a couple of questions first one is I did an inframe on it less than 2000 miles and my oil pressure once its at 180 degrees is about 25 psi low enough for the buzzer to go off. would replacing thwe oil pump bring my oil pressure back up. when the motor is cold its at about65 psi at around 1200rpm. second queI have an oil leak behins the front structure plate by the top of the block deck. what all is involved in fixing this leak? any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. New to this great forum. have a question. I have a 97 mack ch 613 with a e7 427 no block heater have been trying to find where to install it any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance
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