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  1. It ran great but they try not to run it much as the oil comes out under pressure and makes a mess
  2. The Yeadon Fire Co. in Delaware County PA aquired their 1948 Mack 85LS. I need to know what kind of motor is in it. All I could find is Thermodyne. When running the motor oil shoots out of the oil fill. Need some help finding what might be wrong. Thank you.
  3. Wanted: Two brass Dietz Fire King Lanterns or info leading to them.
  4. Bulldog and 1958 F.W.D. The name of the company that the Mack Tower Ladder was sitting at is James J Anderson Consruction. I called them the other day as its not sitting there anymore and asked if the still had or what happened to it. They put me on hold three times everytime I asked a question and than came back and aid they werent interested and they were not giving me any mor info. So thats where that stands.
  5. mack31


    Firemack Do you if there are any other Radnor Macks floating around? Thanks
  6. Alls i know is that it is Ladder 20
  7. Thank you FDNYTRUCKS Any help is appreciated
  8. The city ordered a few of them and I believe they were sold off in the 70s. Trying to get more info.
  9. John It has been on my computer for awhile i forgot about it. Just found it the other day. And yes I did by I cant afford what he wants. Ryan
  10. Looking for a B model Mack pumper from Philadelphia believe it was a 1956.
  11. Here is another picture heavyhauler
  12. Firemack Do you know if there are any other Radnor Macks still around?
  13. Do you have an email address for Wayne King?
  14. FDNYTrucks Do you happen to have an engine from Brookline Fire Co. Delaware County PA in your database? Its was a 1947 thats all i know
  15. I am pretty much looking for anything besides a CF. I would like A, B, C, L
  16. Eng. 40, Do you know of any other macks for sale, anything besides CFs
  17. Very nice. I am a philly firefighter. Nice to see it still around.
  18. I found two Mack fire trucks one is an L model and the other I am not sure. They are both at Essington Av Auto Parts in Southwest Philly sitting outside. I called twice but the guy was very rude and said they are not for sale and hung up. They both say Curt Weldon fire brigade on them.
  19. Do you have any pictures of the ladder you can put up?
  20. Does anyone know if there any Philly Macks still around?
  21. My name is Ryan and my great-grandfather Theodore Anderson sold Mack firetrucks for 38 years in Pennsylvania. I am looking to see if there are any Macks for sale that he sold.
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