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  1. I still can't find out how to put a photo to my profile.

  2. Boy do I miss them days when me,you Billy and your brother inlaw would haul loads with our B-models and do as many loads as any new R-model from any company we worked with. They all thought they would run over us but when we hit the hills and they could only drop one gear at a time to pull it and us with the Quad boxes would out pull them really made my day. HEY!! Remember when we were in Redding on that road job when I think it was Bob who had a rock stuck in his rear tires and we all tried to get it out when Chrome mirrors rolled across the road and down the side of the hill. Right after that happend,Billy and I were on a job when the roach coach came on the job and Billy and I parked to get coffee and as we were walking,Chrome mirrors trolly slipped again and started to roll but because we were in mud it stopped. I looked at Billy and laughed my ass off. Man to have them days back. We have to get together again sometime in the future.
  3. Chet I have photos of when I drove a trailer for Cott Soda but I think their too small to ad to site. I also have photos of when I drove tri-axels for Deluca, Arty Clark ,Ciceo Bros,Dave Brown trucking,Akler and Bobby Katcho.

  4. I'm real good friends with B-Model Chet. We worked together driving B-model 10 wheel dump trucks until my boss put me into a 69 DM-600 10 wheel dump truck and that's how I got the name DM-Donnie. After I left that job,I drove trailers for DA Possidento. My ride was a 87 R-Model 300+ with a Mack 9 speed full screw. We did pool water in summer and Bulk oil in winter and hauled for Marshal...

  5. Name: Dodge B2B (1950) Date Added: 13 September 2010 - 08:58 AM Owner: DM Donnie Short Description: 50 Dodge 1/2 ton p/u View Vehicle
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