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  1. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic on or near the Eastern Shore of Maryland who is experienced with the L85 model trucks and the EY 707 engines as well as the hydraulic brake system on those models ? I need work done and am having a tough time finding anyone that knows their way around an one of these trucks.
  2. If you have the specs for plug type, can you let me know? I was just assuming the D23's that were in the engine were correct, but we all know what happens when we assume... Am I asking for trouble by introducing a detergent oil to an engine that may well have had only non-detergent oil through it's lifetime? The air cleaner IS an oil bath type, and there IS a tube running from the top of the cannister to the carb. The air inlet port at the bottom of the filter / cannister is wide open, and I didn't know if there should be some kind of pre-filter material or other type of attachment over the port to keep large particles or even water from entering the cannister. When I disassembled the housing, there was some debris and some water in the oil. Is that to be expected? Thanks for your help !!!
  3. It's my understanding that the F707A takes 2 different spark plugs (one type for each side). When I got the truck it had Champion D23 plugs running both sides. Is this acceptable? What are the proper plugs to use on each side? Also, there seems to be a great debate about oil and old engines. Not knowing the history of my engine, i.e. rebuild, or type of oil used previously, etc. , should I use non-detergent oil just to be safe? If a detergent oil HAS been used, will using a non-det oil subsequently cause any harm? ? Where do I find a high quality 15W40 non-det oil? Last question......... the air cleaner is mounted drivers side back by fire wall. It's cannister with an intake port about 3 1/2" diam. Should this port be wide open like this, or is there supposed to be a screen, or tube connected to it?
  4. Many thanks Firemack !!
  5. Good morning all ! Is there an optimum spark plug for the 707 engine? The truck I just bought has Champion D3 plugs in it now. What is proper gap?
  6. jdcmix

    1945 Ls85

    Point well taken...... However, I'm told by the seller the truck tops out at 45mph. That would be another reason to consider changing the rear ratio. Fortunately, my '74 Seagrave tiller truck tops out at 62mph. I will contact the museum and send them the vin. Thanks for your inputs Bollweevil and Tinman. Great help!!
  7. jdcmix

    1945 Ls85

    I'm in process of buying a 1945 LS85 pumper. My first question is about the motor. All I know at this point is that it is a 6 cylinder gas engine. Can anyone give me an idea about horsepower, torque, displacement, etc..? Second question.... Tranny is a 5spd. with 2spd. rear. Since my lovely wife wants to be the primary driver while I run our ladder truck, I want to know if there is any problem with changing the rear making the truck a straight 5spd ? It will not carry water, and should not gross over 16000 lbs. I know the obvious answer is "don't let your lovely wife drive the darn thing" , nonetheless, I'd still like to know.
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