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  1. i took a closer look at the carb and the butterfly is only open about1/2 way even when gas is wide open so im going to take off the carb and fix it . ty for the input
  2. i am having a problem with my 45 model 45 when i hit the highway all is well until i go about 40 mph then all of a sudden it dies and the choke knob pulls out by itself. i have replaced all the fuel lines ,installed a new fuel pump, i even took off the fill tube cap thinking it was pulling a vacum in the tank due to poor ventalation. i was wondering if anybody has ran into this problem. i will be driving this truck to a state fire convention in 2 weeks where it will be used for the pumper races so any input will be great because i would like to drive it there instead of trailering it. thank y
  3. trying to find owner's manual or book that will help with rebuilding this truck 1945 model 45 firetruck . thanks for all the help
  4. model 45 # 45s1380 pump type S-D 3362 fulton volunteer fire dept fulton tx
  5. i am working on a 1945 mack model 45 fire truck i need the rear passenger hub because the previous owner didnt hear the bearings welding to themselfs and grinding out the hub where the races and bearings go. the number on the truck is 45S1380 if anyone has one or knows someone or even knows what will work on it please let me know . also any pointers will be nice becasue i am a grrenhorn at this . ty for your time
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