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  1. Second photo Will the 5 speed duplex , main box Gear set interchange with a quadrupleplex main box gear set? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated
  2. Bought a new to me B61SX last week. The chassis had the cab removed and sat outside uncovered for 3 years. The main box shifter was stuck in netural position. The compound box seems to be fine and the linkage moves normally. So I took a compound shifter linkage off and removed the top cover of the main box transmission only to find more than surface rust on the top half of every gear. Can this trans be saved or is the surface hardening on all the gears gone from the rust? I have tried to attach photos of what I found, thanks
  3. Brian can you take a picture of the mounting flange of the box you wish to part with. Or call me at 202 438 4771 many thanks.
  4. This is to cool, i live in Dickerson md call me any time before 9pm 202 438 4771
  5. I am in need of a b model manual steering box. Some were in Maryland or close.
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