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  1. I am looking for a flywheel for my '68 CF Pumper. It is about 20 inches across the entire diameter, 16 inches for the inner diameter. I have a 15 inch clutch, and the flywheel has 10 bolts around the outside and 6 bolts for the crankshaft. It is one of the "dish" style, not the flat flywheel. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks for your help!
  2. Name: Mack CF611F(10)1024 (1968) Date Added: 27 August 2009 - 12:20 PM Owner: thetodd717 Short Description: Fire truck from the department where I started as a volunteer, so of course I had to buy it! In service with Chagrin Falls Ohio from 1968-1995. Sold to second volunteer department from 1995 until 2000. Second department added the Federal Q siren and strobes (which I removed). They also took the roof rotator and placed it out over the front window so the truck could fit into a small bay. Private collector from 2000-2009. I purchased truck in August 2009. 1000 GPM Waterous pump, 1000 gallon booster tank, 5-speed Diesel. View Vehicle
  3. Beautiful truck! And glad to see another '68 CF600 on here! I have a '68 CF as well from where I started as a volunteer. Nice work on the restoration of your truck as well! Glad to see the original style emergency lights back on it.
  4. Beautiful rig! Best of luck with the restoration! Keep us posted through the process with pictures if you can!
  5. Engine looks sharp with the two-tone paint scheme! I have not seen many CF's in a two-tone. Truck still in service or private collector?
  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments! The truck is in real good condition, not perfect of course. Thanks Firemack for the heads up on being able to find parts and such on the site, as I will keep that in mind. And Ray, I am unfortunately not a member of the SPAAMFAA, however i believe this is something I will now need to look into since you brought it up. Thanks so much!
  7. This is the story of my recently acquired 1968 Mack CF pumper. The truck started at the Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fireman's Association (a real mouthful I know) in the Village of Chagrin Falls Ohio east of Cleveland. The Fireman's Association (CFSVFA Inc.) is actually 2 separate fire departments. The Village of Chagrin Falls itself has a volunteer department, and the Association also contracts with 5 other communities for fire service (and now EMS also). My Mack was Engine 1, the first due engine for a number of years at the CFSVFA. In 1982, the truck was sold to the Village of Chagrin Falls. Basically, the truck stayed right where it was, but now the Village owned it instead of the CFSVFA. It was still used by the same firefighters, but now was the first due engine for any call in the Village itself, as opposed to being first for the other 5 communities. By 1982, the CFSVFA had purchased 3 other Mack CF rigs; one in 1972, a Tele-Squrt in 1974, and another engine in 1979. What a sight it must have been to see 4 Mack CF's in service together! My truck served as the Village engine from 1982 until 1995. In 1995 the truck was sold to another neighboring volunteer department and they used it as a reserve truck mostly carrying extra SCBA air bottles. In 2000, my truck was finally retired, after a long 32 years of service. Amazingly though, the truck was used very little and barely cracked 25,000 original miles after all that time! The truck in 2000 was purchased by a private collector who had it until I bought it in September of 2009. The only changes to the truck were made by the second department who added 6 strobe lights, moved the roof beacon out over the front window so the truck would fit in a small bay, added the Federal Q siren, and removed one of the booster hose reels and added an area for hose crosslays above the pump panel. The owner from 2000-2009 kept all that same stuff, but did add the Chagrin Falls graphics as he was a retired Chagrin fireman and that's why he bought the truck. Ironically I started my career as a fireman in Chagrin Falls in 2001, never having seen this truck or anything. Years down the road, I got to see the truck in parades and get to know the guy who owned it. When it came time for him to sell the truck, I was the first one calling him. Now the truck is in mine, and I feel truly humbled and honored to own such a great truck, with a great past, from the department where I started as a volunteer! My wife and I love this truck and cannot wait for spring so we can get out in it again and start cruising around town! I did remove the strobe lights so it looks more original, added some hose, and the pump still works too! The truck still hasn't past the 26,000 mile mark, so she should have a lot of life left in her! The first picture shows the truck with CFSVFA markings in 1976, and then with Chagrin Falls Village markings in 1982. The 3rd photo is of the truck with the second department. Note the roof light over the window, strobe lights on the bumper, and the Federal Q siren in the center of the cab's grille. The last 4 photos show the truck currently as it is.
  8. Thanks all for your helpful insight and advice! I finally found some time and a good buddy to come over and we got the truck up and running again! Everything seems to be holding, so hopefully we are in the clear. Thanks again!! -Todd-
  9. Thanks for the help! Hopefully I can find some time to get out there and play with it now!
  10. Greetings! I am relatively new in all of this and trying to learn everything I can about my truck. I noticed that the clutch pedal has no free play at all and will need adjusting. When I put the truck in gear, the truck sometimes will not move at all or will move very slowly forward. The truck is a 1968 Mack CF600 fire truck. The service manual claims the original clucth was a Dana Spicer AS-1400 series. Looking at the diagram and reading about the adjustments seems easy enough, but what I see in the manual doesnt seem to match what is in the truck. I believe the second department to own the truck replaced the clutch with a ceramic one, but I do not have any paperwork on it. Looking into the bell housing, I cant seem to identify where the adjusting mechanism is. If anyone has any ideas or tips what I should be looking for in there, I would really really appreciate it. I have only had the truck for a few weeks and I really want to get out and drive and enjoy it before I put it in storage. Thanks!
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