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    my name is Hugo Monteith from Palmerston North New Zealand the home of Mack in NZ . I have been in the truck repair business over 30 years and built Mack CKD and SKD trucks at the assembly facility here at Motor truck distributors .
    since closure of the CKD and SKD assembly my efforts are now ex Brisbane assembly plant models of both Volvo and Mack product after sales service and repair .

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  1. Hi Fullfuel , Thanks for that , I dont spose you have contact details for Diesel spec ? I have sent an Engine ECU to my volvo rocket scientist in europe but he has discovered although the ECUs are made by the same manufacturer ( Tyco ) they're quite different in their programming , plus the Mack is 12v and the Volvo 24v . Kiwitech
  2. Hi Members , I have some long standing MP8 engine EGR issues with Granite and Titan models here in New Zealand . Please see my request in introductions as I am a new overseas member . Thanks Kiwi tech
  3. Hi Truckers and Techs , My name is Hugo Monteith from New Zealand , I have been involved in Mack Truck Service primarily Vmac and Cummins Celect and other elex since its inception in Vmac 1 . I am familiar with all models that were supplied out of Allentown or Brisbane AU as I was involved in their construction when CKD packs were being exported from the US . I am seeking assistance with EGR issues we are faced with here on MP8 EGR engines with Tyco/Volvo EECUs . These trucks are returning to us now out of warranty on their second or third owners with major EGR failures along with the cost of repair and down time ,so much so that the sale of these models second hand is often against poor inservice history . I have a current program for Cummins ISX and Signature EGR delete which is specially designed for Australia and NZ conditions ,with which we have had great results. Gone are the overheat , cooler failure and cooling fan runtime problems . Can anyone help with a contact in this regard . I want to delete the EGR system either in operation or totally remove it . Here in New Zealand there is no law compelling owners to maintain emissions and exhaust after treatment systems once the vehicle is out of warranty . We have 200 of these MP8 EGR engines in the country and almost all have had inservice issues with EGR . Since the introduction of Euro 5 and SCR these engines no longer have EGR . Thanks alot Hugo Monteith
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