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  1. Greetings All, I have a 1968 R600 with a dump body. I have been looking around for some body parts to replace missing/damaged pieces, and have noticed that the R models and DM models all appear to have the same cab, hood and fenders in a year range from the 60s through the 80s. Can anyone provide me with info regarding what models and years have interchangeable body parts, or point me to a resource where I can find such information? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Thought I'd fire this thread up again, since I am a newbie and you folks have a wealth of experience. My bulldog (R600ST) has a 5X3 Triplex, and since I don't know the gears yet, I didn't know what the progression was. But let me ask this, if you are running empty (I have a dumper) do you have to use all three ranges? When I drove the truck home for the first time, I just left the range in Direct, and shifted a normal 1 - 5 pattern. A little double clutching was all I needed, and she ran fine.
  3. Hi Everybody, My name is Bill Halsey and I live in Davisburg, Michigan. That's about half way between Pontiac and Flint. I just got my first big truck. It's a 1968 R600ST Dump truck. It came with a 20,000lb GVW triple axle trailer built in 1969. I am restoring both to haul around my 1969 Case Construction King back-hoe, which is also a restoration project. After reading a lot of the posts here, I guess I may be a little different than most, because I plan on having all this equipment be "working" restorations. I have several projects lined up where I will be excavating and hauling mater
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