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  1. this is the dash... Everything works except the fake parking air line switches
  2. this is the rear view of the tuck obviously, it has 5" curved stacks mounted with U brackets to the diamond checkered step boxes. In the middle i had a box made up where you open the lid and the gas filler tube is right there.A 3/8 plate is going over the rear frame with a five inch lip on either side which will have 4 l.e.d lights on each side. On top of the 3/8 plate will be a fifth wheel.Where there used to be a dual gas tank in the frame, im mounting a diamond checkered tire box that will hold other things as well. I welded up a smaller gas tank and placed it inside the middle box near the
  3. frontshot of the truck, notice how i converted the headlights over to a 7" mack style light. visor was custom made in a stainless steel shop. mirrors, horns,and bulldog, and emblem all bought at a mack dealership. the bull dogs eyes light up as well. they have red l.e.d's in them.
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