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  1. 15 hours ago, tenfive0 said:

    For that much I'd even throw in my stash of extra GMC COE parts I was planning on selling separately PLUS my 1953 Chevy Panel Truck.



    Chevy PanelE.jpg

    Not to be funny but I actually like that panel truck.

  2. If I remember right, it will not much matter if you switch up polarity on accident being such simple machines. You may have the voltage/amp gauge read backwards or something but as long as it is a 12v system and not a 6v I don't think you will hurt anything. 

  3. On 6/10/2018 at 9:30 PM, Maddog13407 said:

    there are a few obsticles that you need to overcome to putting the diesel in thr gas job. make sure you change the thru shaft in the left spring hanger for the clutch or youll be scratchin your head when you go to adjust the clutch as the gas jobs have the keyway in a different spot. also make sure you put the shims in between the front spring hangers and the radiator crossmember or youll be swearing when you go to change a fan belt and cant get it between the balancer and the crossmember. and if the gas truck is a single frame your gonna have to shim the rear trans/motor mounts a 1/4 inch and maybe swap the rear cab mount crossmember and shim it also unless you ditch the driveshaft mounted e brake and put on maxi cans

    Now that the cab is off I see what you are talking about, the 20 speed looks like 2 of those gas job tranny’s put together. I think it would be better going to spring brakes

  4. Started the easy part today, found a few problems to fix when it goes back together. The front of both genders was cob jobbed to the radiator support so I may try the piano hinge idea for the front fenders. If anybody wants a 9 speed duplex or anything off the 401 send me a pm. I don’t plan on keeping them around too long after they are yanked out.


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  5. So I have a friend to help me with his knuckle boom truck, I want to believe we can find a way to do it without pulling the cab now. The only thing I am worried about is the clutch linkage, does the spring shakle have to be pulled or does the shaft pull out from the transmission?

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