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  1. Brutus you feel like parting with one of those Quads? I am looking to go back to the dump truck business and im looking for a truck right now.

    Sorry not at this time. We are so busy hauling asphalt and stone to well pads. The only thing I would sell is my DT International cheater dump truck it is mint condition!

  2. Could be just the angle of the photo,,,,,but with the Econovance on this V-Mac 2 pump,,,,,seems to have no room for the P/S pump

    I think this is the motor that was on display at the Hagerstown plant. I have been there once I think they said its the Austalian 610 v8 I believe

  3. Inline for the most part. Some beg to differ. Inline was easier to put barrels in and the V pump leaked if u changed the barrels and cranked it to hard.

    Inline is better unless you ask JR Collins lol.

    The 6 point v-pumps were the hard ones that leaked Mack Doctor. The 12 points were the better ones to put the 13's in and didnt leake.

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