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  1. Been to Dale's shop numerous times. You would not believe the parts he has there. I would give him a call, he fire ringed my heads and replaced factory head bolts with ARP head bolts, added a custom built turbo and tuned the truck. It's probably 900hp and eats anything on the road.

    You had your daily driver fire ringed? Wow! Was you blowing head gaskets a lot?

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  2. They are great motors we have had several of them. You can also get arp head bolts if the stock headbolts seem to give you issues. They will last a long time if they are not turned up a bunch and ran like crazy. One thing you do need to upgrade if you turn up the fuel is the turbo. With the fuel turned up on the stock turbo the pyro runs hot very fast. You can upgrade to a holset or one of the borg warners, you will get crazy good boost at low rpms and keep temps down.

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