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  1. David is exactly right. Tarps are a big NO-NO! They hold lots of moisture that will condensate and then recondensate.My grandpa was a firm believer in tarping his Ford tractor (after he ran out of room to keep it inside). After just 5 years, it not only had surface rust. But, serious rust-through and rot on it. Tractor only had 300 hours on it. But, it looked like several thousand. There are companies that make custom car covers that are "breathable." But I'm sure for your firetruck, they would charge you a small fortune.

  2. Like the others, my truck lives outside all year round. I was lucky that the paint on it was fairly new when I bought it. I wax it several times over the course of the spring / summer / fall. I go over all the chrome as well. And even the aluminum wheels. With the exception of cheap headlight bezels, I haven't had problems with pitting. I sure don't like keeping her outside. It sucks to have to wash, wax, and polish everything to go a show. Especially, when the only dirt you get on it is from rain and dirt in the air. I wish I could at least find somewhere to put it inside during the winter. I do worry about it being so close to the sidewalk (about a foot & a half) and street. But at least the neighborhood kids seem respectful.

  3. Here in Findlay..............$3.10 Regular Unleaded

    .....................................$2.80 Diesel

    That's about average. It could be a penny or two, more or less, depending on which side of town you're on. My F-250 with a 351 & 4:10 gears only gets about 6-8mpg here in town. About 10-12 on the big road if I'm lucky! :pat: My cabover does way better then that. Maybe I should make it my everyday truck! B) They better start doing something to fix this, quick.......i.e. Tell the tree huggers where to go, and start building some more refinerys!!!!!!! Or, there's gonna be a lotta people going broke.

    Just found this pic on Netscape news.....

    When it gets that bad around here, I think I'll start walkin'!!!!!!!

  4. I just finished stripping the paint from the bumper on my KW. Went and picked up some of that citrus based stripper at Lowes. Super easy to use. Went through two layers of paint like it was nothin' Scraped the pealing paint with a new plastic putty knife. Unfortunatly, whoever painted it used some sort of chemical to etch the chrome so the paint would stick. :pat: Hopefully you won't have that problem! Best of luck with your project!

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