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  1. Yes absolutely. To tell the whole story my front rear failed... mine were 5.32. A friend of mine has a R model with 4.64 in it and the auto power divider. He uses strictly as an offroad truck ...floatation tires etc. He had a set of 5.32s he wanted to put in that to lower gearing. He said if I swapped his rears out for him I could have the 4.64 set for free. We looked in his Mack manuals and it appeared I could just swap the power divider guts easily. Apparently not. So really switching 6 rears to get 2 for free.
  2. Good to know. I excited to see how the 4.64 feel compared to the 5.32 ratio. I really appreciate the info. Thanks
  3. Got thanks very much. I really appreciate it
  4. Great thanks very much for the info I reallyappreciate it. On a side note does anyone know what the torque spec is on the 3" nut that holds the outer cam to the bevel pinion gear. I was really having trouble removing the one off my air lock setup. I was using a torque multiplier and lightly heated the nut.
  5. Or in other words you are saying the ring and pinion on these is a matched set?
  6. Ok Thanks. Why can I not switch pinion gears if part number is the same? Are pinion gears matched to the ring gear? Thanks
  7. So I'm totally new to this site. Have read many older posts and appreciate them very much . I have an 87 superliner that had a bad front rear. 5.32 were in it. Switching out to 4.64...however the 4.64s were the auto power divider style not manual air lock. I took fronts apart after switching rears to discover the cylinder the peanuts drive against are different in the 2 styles. I'm having trouble removing outer cylinders to switch the 2. Any ideas. Or should I just remove the whole through put shaft and pull pinion assembly and housing and swap both entire power divider housings? Thanks if anyone has input much appreciated.
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