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  1. I'll check those out tomorrow too, I've been afraid to stretch her legs so I've been running super short loads but gotta get her moving and making more money. Thanks for the response Joey Mack I appreciate the starting points
  2. I'll check it tomorrow, I checked my grounds at the batteries today on my break , going to check all my connections tomorrow. Seen someone say the main power relay may be going bad and breaking down with the engine heat. Going to try checking those tomorrow also. Just trying to get a starting point, seems to be a common problem.
  3. Yep 04 ac427 aset cx613 driving me crazy just got it working and now it's throwing that light most of the time it's only on for a couple seconds longest it's been on constantly is about 15 to twenty seconds.
  4. Been having the lightning bolt light coming on and off repeatedly. Doesn't stay on long mostly when under a load but if you ease up just a little on the throttle sometimes it goes right out. Tried to blink check it and will only blink codes when the light is on. Truck seems to be running fine all gages are reading good. Have gotten a 3-5, 6-4, 6-5, 3-2 it's all over the place. Any ideas on where to start?
  5. Figured it out, used the first hole in the fifth wheel plate angle. Worked out almost perfect! Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Really glad I found this group, has been really helpful so far .
  6. Thanks Joey mack I have a different setup on the spring hanger. Mine has three bolts on each side and two bolts in the center. One level with the top spring hanger bolts and one centered above the leaf spring bolt. I have a hole where it looks like they had a pair on the rear axle but none on the front. Thought that was a little weird but it's the center hole above the spring bolt on the back held it up there and looks like a good spot not to high, but I was looking at the bolt in front of the spring hanger you showed also . I appreciate the help man thanks a lot!
  7. Bought new tire and am playing Russian roulette with my back window. Need to get these quarter fenders mounted up to catch some of these rocks instead of the back of my cab. Looks like the crossmember bolt that is centered in the spring hanger would be the best bet, but I've seen some mounted on the back side of the spring hanger on the second bolt down. Gonna be running containers and bobtailing some so just trying to keep my window. Lol thanks for any input I appreciate it.
  8. I picked up a set of stainless ones for cheap and they use the post style mount. Do you mount yours on the spring hanger bolt or use the crossmember bolt that sits center of the spring hanger from front to back? Got new tires and bobtailing is dangerous without them. I thought I was going to lose my back window.
  9. Well thanks for the help I was sweating that! I need to get an annual done on it after I get tires and thats the only issue I can find, had me pulling my hair out. Thanks again guys I really appreciate all the help.
  10. Well if that don't make me feel like a dummy, I could've sworn they should have functioned as marker lights also since they had a dual element bulb. Isn't a side marker required? And why two wires to the plug when the light grounds itself.
  11. Yeah the ones under the doors, should light up solid as a markerbut don't unless I'm wrong . They have a dual element bulb, two wires into plug and ground through light Everything else works fine
  12. I didn't know if there might be a common issue with it or where to start getting tires put on tomorrow and need to get an annual done I it to put it to work . If need be I'll just run a jumper wire to them just thought it was weird they both work on the turn signal side
  13. Not much no extra lights or anything daycab tractor just don't have any juice to the marker light side with a test light. Has the old style ground through light combination lights under the door.
  14. Don't know what it might be both turn signals work fine but no power to the marker light circuit. All my other lights work fine. Stumped please help if you can. Thanks
  15. Thanks for letting me join the forum, just bought my first truck it's a 2004 e7427 cx613 vision daycab. Everything worked great when I checked it out driving it home the gauges and seatbelt light flickered off and on a few times figured probably just a bad ground or loose connection haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Also the top clearance lights and the drivers side turn signal marker aren't working right. If I hit the flash button the one on top single drivers side lights up with the lights off. I figured that would be a ground interrupt switch and can't figure out why it's lighting up with the light switch off. I'm kinda suspect to the turn signal switch but figured you guys might have a direction to start in if it's a common issue. Thanks for any answers and help you an give me
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