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  1. Thanks Thanks! Hope to have the brakes fixed and back on the road soon.
  2. Hello everyone. Recently joined the forum after I bought my first Mack, a 1957 B95 that came from the Erie PA fire department. The fire department in village I grew up in has a beautiful black with gold pin stripping 1956 B95 with a Detroit Diesel they use for parades and special events. My dad worked with the EMT that is responsible for driving it during parades and he was kind enough to let me get behind the wheel and take it for a spin one day. I couldn't stop smiling and decided I had to have one, so when I found one for sale near by I had to go look. It was in decent original condition, and the seller would deliver it for a good price so I scooped it up.
  3. Could anyone tell me what horns would have come on a B95? I imagine it would have had a two or three tone trumpet style originally. A previous owner replaced the original horn on mine with a modern single tone. Did Mack have their own horns, or would they have used Autolite or another brand? I have a 2 and 4 tone set of Autolite trumpet horns I've picked up along the way, but would like to know the correct ones for the truck.
  4. I have a 1957 Mack B95. I'm looking for the brass brake line fitting that fastens with a banjo bolt to the lower rear wheel cylinder. It has two female ends 90° from each other for the brake lines to thread into.
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