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  1. Update: I replaced the camshaft, bearings, and all hardware for bearing caps and rocker assembly. Noticed a big difference as soon as I started the engine. Just took the truck for a test drive and it is running excellent; no knock! So, the knock that I was hearing was a fuel knock from the #3 injector due to worn cam lobe.
  2. Thanks for the input. I am very familiar with the idler issue on these. I have already had this motor apart and the idler gear has been redone. I am going to replace the cam and bearings. I will post how I make out.
  3. Driver pulled in with a knocking sound coming from engine. Hard to tell if it was lower end or not. Pulled the pan and found metal fragments. Checked #1, #3, #5 rod bearings; all good. Checked main bearing; all good. Looked for any damage to cylinder walls; all good. Pulled P/S pump to check gears and found chipped tooth that matched some of the fragments in pan. Replaced fuel/P/S assembly. Also replaced oil pump while I was there. Moved to the top end and found damaged cam lobe on #3 injector. My question is: can this be the cause of the knock? It sounded to me like a wrist pin or fuel knock. Was wondering if anybody has gone through this before.
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